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If it has to be very cheap...
When a bureau offers translations at very low prices, which we often see during these times of globalisation, even a trained translator finds it hard to make a decent daily living – if quality standards are to be maintained!
Very cheap translations are always available. But not necessarily quality!
If it has to be ASAP...

When a bureau offers to translate large amounts of text in a very short time they obviously will put more than one translator on the task. These translators’ work has to be meticulously coordinated if the finished translation is to have “consistency in style and terminology” as we call it. But this takes time – and it is just not possible to do this in a very short time.

Very fast translations are always available. But not necessarily quality!

Our prices are fair, both to the customer and to our members of staff – and are absolutely competitive as regards the relation price / quality!
We guarantee quality in every sense!

Our firm is based on satisfied customers that come back again and again. The fact that our quality assurance works can be seen in our long-term relationships with regular customers. A small bureau like DataText can only survive and compete with the large firms on the market on quality and quality again. And we have been able to do so for more than ten years now.